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Henan Firm Fuel dispenser Co., Ltd is a member of Sinopec and Petro China. We have the design and manufacture qualification for pressure vessels, including the international marine pressure vessels of Class II and III; the qualification of GB2 pressure pipeline installation; ASME and CE international welding qualifications; the design, production and installation of large and medium-sized oil depots such as API650, API620, GB50128 vertical oil tanks and storage tanks; Standard AWWA+D100-2011 water tank and the prefabrication, anti-corrosion, production and on-site construction of the original water tank, desalinated water tank, and water tank of the national standard power plant; the level III general contracting qualification for petrochemical engineering; and the level III contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering.

The scope of engineering construction covers the main petrochemical plant area, tank production, pipeline installation, highway engineering, rail transit, sewage treatment pipeline construction, heating plant/pipeline construction, metallurgical industry project construction and installation, waste gas treatment project engineering production, design, construction and installation; Production, design, construction and installation of water treatment projects, design and construction of power generation, transmission and distribution of hydropower stations, thermal power stations and other power plants, production and installation of steel structure buildings such as warehouses, workshops and petrol stations, etc.

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